Why Reconsider Desktop Printing the Business Cards?

Using a desktop printer to create business cards may seem like a fast and cheap component to marketing that will save time and money but can also hurt the business for several reasons. The size of a business card makes it the most likely item in the marketing portfolio that customers will keep for future reference. If it is flimsy and can be easily folded, not printed in full color, or not well-designed that aspect of the business marketing efforts is eliminated.

Design Services and Advice

Most experienced and professional Business Card Printers offer free consultations and design services. This is ideal to ensure the card has the three critical components needed. The name of the business must be prominent on the card and stand out from all other information. This can be accomplished by using a different color, font, or size.

The second component is updated contact information. The website, the representative, the telephone number, fax number and any mobile numbers available. This allows customers or potential customers with questions a preferred way to reach the business. It appeals to all the forms of communication possible in this digital age.

The business logo is the third essential component to make a connection between the business and the branding. This is where design services from professional Business card printers makes the most difference in standing out from the competition. This process can be done online or face to face depending on distance. A business is texas, for example, can benefit from a consultation in person with a company that specializes in business card printing in houston. A discussion about the nature of the business, the image desired, and future goals will inform the designer and help in the creation process.

State-of-the-Art Digital Equipment

There is not a desktop printer on the market today that can compare to the gloss, quality, and feel of business cards printed on state-of-the-art equipment. Scalloped or unique edges, cut-out designs in the corner, a rounded top edge that will not get lost among other cards, and a textured surface are a few examples of what is possible on digital equipment. A desktop is not up to par with the flexibility and thickness offered by the most advanced printing equipment.

Pricing that Surprises

Professional commercial printing does not need to be expensive. A well-established company with diverse services can quote business owners pricing for business cards and other printed marketing materials that will surprise them. Depending on the size of the business and the number of employees who need cards, the unit price can be pennies per card. Check out the pricing and the difference in quality. If the comparison is not striking, continue to use that desktop.


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